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The Essential Role of Probiotics and the Immune System

Danielle Saunders

  In the past 10 years we’ve learned a lot about the importance of the bacteria in our gut. Also known as our gut mic...

Creative Ways to Spend Thanksgiving (Far from Home)

Danielle Saunders

After a long and unpredictable year, the holiday season is finally upon us! Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday for m...

9 Natural Cold Sore Remedies To Try

Danielle Saunders

If you're like most people, the emergence of tiny, fluid-filled blisters on and around your lips is probably an unwe...

How to Get Through the Holidays Without Wrecking Your Health

Danielle Saunders

The holiday season is not too far away. What's so special about this season? The large, yummy, guilt-ridden, but ext...

Can Milk Thistle Help With Hangover And Alcohol Consumption?

Danielle Saunders

The festive party season is fast approaching. Of course, with parties come bottomless margarita lunch hours and full...

Winter Health Tips: Treat Yourself in a Healthy Way!

Danielle Saunders

Staying active and eating healthy can be difficult in the best of times. When winter’s cold temperatures and toasty ...

How To Incorporate Bee Propolis Into Your Daily Life

Danielle Saunders

You may associate bees with delicious, sweet, sticky honey and the occasional painful stings… But did you know that ...

What To Have And Avoid In Low-Histamine Diet

Danielle Saunders

If you suffer from food allergies, you’re probably more than familiar with the following scenario. Eat so much as a ...

Is Cold Water Therapy Good For Your Wellness?

Danielle Saunders

For many people, one word comes to mind when you mention cold showers: why. And you're likely no exception. But as y...

Why L-Glutamine is Essential for Your Workout Routine

Danielle Saunders

  When it comes to bodybuilding, there are tons of supplements that the gym rats use. Whey protein to pack on muscles...

5 Natural Alternatives To Pads And Tampons

Danielle Saunders

When it comes to dealing with the monthly appearance of Aunt Flo, most of us rely on the two most popular options: i...

Sleep Apnea: Types, Causes, Effects, and Treatment

Danielle Saunders

Imagine this: You are sleeping perfectly when something suddenly wakes you up in the middle of the night. You feel t...
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