About Dr. Danielle

Dr. Danielle products are made in the USA, in GMP-certified facilities. The company offers physician-quality supplements that are highly used by both Naturopathic doctors and customers who want the very best. You can be assured that when you buy a Dr. Danielle product, you are getting a cutting-edge formulation developed by a biochemist/naturopathic physician and her team of scientists.


Supplements for Sensitive People

Dr. Danielle supplements are hypoallergenic. All of our capsules are vegetarian. There are absolutely no added binders, artificial flavors or sweeteners, coatings, shellacs, artificial colors, dyes, or fragrances. Magnesium stearate is never used in any formula. If you have any questions, please email us for a complete allergen breakdown of our capsules. 


Full Label Disclosure

You can be guaranteed that the bottle only contains what is listed on our labels. Laboratory controls are in place to assure that raw materials in samples and finished products are tested to verify their identity, determine their physical and chemical properties, as well as rule out any microbial, unwanted or hazardous contamination. Moreover, reserve samples are retained for the specified period of time and retested for continued compliance.