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Best Medicinal Mushrooms For The Immune System

Danielle Saunders

You might know this by now: for a well-functioning immune system, you’d have to eat well, sleep 7 to 9 hours every n...

Combating Seasonal Affective Disorder: The Necessary Tips and Tricks to Survive the Cold Winters

Danielle Saunders

You do not need a psychiatrist to confirm that the weather has something to do with your mood. If it's rainy, things...

How to Get Through the Holidays Without Wrecking Your Health

Danielle Saunders

The holiday season is not too far away. What's so special about this season? The large, yummy, guilt-ridden, but ext...

6 Natural Foods that Help You Get Rid of A Migraine Naturally

Danielle Saunders

If you've ever experienced a migraine before, you'll know that it's a pain–both literally and figuratively. Whether ...

Can L-Glutamine Help Your Weight Loss & Sugar Cravings?

Danielle Saunders

Have you ever slipped off a diet plan just because you were unable to resist the constant craving for sweets? This h...

Boost, Build, Balance: Ashwagandha & Thyroid Health

Danielle Saunders

Do you have fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, and never-ending stress? You may be suffering from a thyroid imbalance. ...

9 Homeopathic Remedies For Cold Sores

Danielle Saunders

There’s no doubt about it: cold sores are annoying. These crusty, oozing red blisters never fail to crop up at exact...

The Western Wildfire Fiasco: Protecting Yourself Physically and Mentally

Danielle Saunders

The wildfires currently raging unchecked across large parts of the western United States have been in the news for ...

What are Coffee Jitters and How to Get Rid of Them

Danielle Saunders

You know those early mornings when you literally have to drag yourself out of bed, and the only thing that motivates...

10 Essential Oils to Help You Deal with the Flu & How to Use Them

Danielle Saunders

Let's all admit how annoying the flu can be. Your nose is runny and stuffy, your throat is always scratchy, and no m...

Can A Keto Diet Help With Thyroid Problems?

Danielle Saunders

The Keto diet is amazing, everybody seems to say these days. You may have heard the Keto diet being touted as a gatew...

Sugar and Immunity: Benefits and Downsides

Danielle Saunders

Sugar is everywhere, but it can affect your immune health in a number of surprising ways. Read more about sugar and immunity, and how to choose sweeteners that won’t harm your health.
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