Special Blend of Spices

Growing aromatic plants is quite simple, even if you don't have a lot of space. All you need is a small terrace or a few window sills to house pots with your favorite flavorings. This mix is ideal for seasoning baked potatoes, but it also works well in many dishes, even with other ways of cooking.

Serving: about 2.7 oz mix

Special Blend of Spices


1.8 oz fine salt

0.3 oz rosemary

0.2 oz marjoram

0.15 oz garlic powder

0.1 oz thymus

0.1 oz oregano

0.04 oz sage


Step 1 

Harvest the plant in its balsamic time (when the aroma is at its peak) and place it to dry in small hanging bunches in a dry, ventilated place. Alternatively, you can use a desiccator, for all aromatic plants, but especially for garlic which should be peeled and sliced or shredded first. Once well dried, separate the leaves from the stems and store them at room temperature in closed containers.

Step 2

Powder the various spices, either directly with your hands or with the use of a mixer. Weigh out as much as needed and mix them together.

Step 3

Use the spice mix directly for seasoning, without adding more salt.

Pro tip:

Balsamic times for harvesting herbs listed among the ingredients:

  • rosemary → during flowering
  • marjoram → just before flowering
  • thyme → just in bloom
  • oregano → just in bloom
  • sage → just before flowering

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