Wet Sock Treatment: Zap That Cold or Flu

What Is the Wet Sock Treatment? 

While this might not sound like the most enjoyable experience, it is an excellent way to rev-up your immune system and help kick that cold or flu you may be suffering from. An added bonus: it's completely free! Are you ready for it? You are going to be putting on ice cold socks…and sleeping in them!

How Does the Wet Sock Treatment work?

The wet sock treatment is a form of hydrotherapy that works by forcing your body to heat up and dry the cold wet socks. When you heat your body, blood vessels dilate. When you cool or chill your body, the blood vessels constrict. This dilation-contraction-dilation process almost acts like a natural pump to allow your immune system to bring in and remove immunological factors to fight off ailments.This process increases circulation and stimulates the immune system, thereby helping to combat your affliction. In addition, it helps decrease congestion in your chest, head, and throat.


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Wet Sock Treatment Supplies

  • 2 pairs of socks (Aim for one pair to be wool or thicker but use what you have).
  • 2 sets of pajamas
  • A freezer or bowl of ice water

The Wet Sock Treatment

Step 1

Run yourself a hot bath. Using a running facet, make the thinner pair of socks wet.

Step 2

Wring the socks well and until no longer dripping water.

Step 3

Place wet socks in your freezer. Let them sit there for approximately 5-10 minutes. You want the socks to be icy but not so frozen stiff you cannot get them on your feet. During this time take a 5-10 minute bath. Prepare yourself for bed and put on your first pair of pajamas. Place second pair of pajamas near your bed.

If you do not have a freezer, use a bowl of ice water as an alternative for wetting and chilling the socks. In addition, if you have a hot tub feel free to use that as an alternative to a bath.

Step 4

Place icy-cold socks on feet. Place dry, thicker pair of socks over them.

Step 5

Bundle yourself in bed and work to get a good nights sleep. If you find yourself sweating profusely during the night, you have a second pair of pajamas to change into. When you wake, the socks should be dry.

Repeat as needed for up to 5 days.



The wet sock treatment works best for acute ailments. If possible, start on day-one of becoming ill and make sure to stay hydrated. The wet sock treatment is just one part of treating a cold or flu. If you think you are ill, are becoming ill, or suffering from an ailment, contact your doctor for a proper diagnosis and for more tips and tricks to boost your immune system and stave off future illnesses. Fine print: This treatment is supplementary and not intended to replace the necessary services of a licensed health care provider.



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