How to Suppress Your Appetite and Stop Hunger Cravings

Do you feel like you constantly want to snack? Perhaps you find yourself casually grazing on food all day? When you see delicious food staring at you, do you just have to try it? Many people suffer from food cravings, but there are a few tricks you can use to remedy the situation. Consider these quick tips to help curb your appetite and get snacking under control.

Tips To Suppress Your Appetite 

Drink Water 

Drink LOTS of water. Often times we are dehydrated and don’t even realize it. Next time you want to pick up that donut or eat a piece of chocolate, drink a big glass of water instead. Thirst often displays itself as hunger. 


Not having a regular sleep schedule can mess with our hormones. Two hormones in particular play a big role in appetite; leptin and ghrelin. Leptin is released by your fat cells and signals to your body to stop feeling hungry, while gherlin stimulates appetite. They are linked to our internal clocks and getting adequate sleep will help ensure those hormones work properly.


Make sure you are not skipping meals. When you don’t eat your blood sugar and hormones become dysregulated. This can lead to food cravings to help stabilize them. 

Track Your Calories

Mind over matter. You’d be surprised how powerful your mind can be when you visually calculate the calories you are consuming. Download an app on your phone to keep yourself in check. There are many free options out there. 

Be Kind To Yourself

Make sure you are working towards positive goals, feelings of self worth, love and acceptance. These attitudes help combat self destructive behaviors. In addition, realize it is okay not to be perfect. If you fall off, acknowledge it, and get right back up and start again. It’s okay! Don’t beat yourself up and continue in a downward spiral. You’ve got this!



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