Five Benefits of Raw Goat Milk for Your Skin

Consuming gallon after gallon of cow’s milk, we have managed to forget about the other dairy items that exist around us for years. No, we are not talking about those fancy plant and nut-based milks that have emerged in the market only recently. What we are talking about is raw goat milk, something that’s even more beneficial than cow’s milk, yet very few people are currently aware of its true benefits.

In all the time we've been drinking cow's milk by the gallon, we've completely forgotten about the "other" dairy. Even before plant and nut-based milk became the new fad, goat's milk was considered a healthy alternative.

Raw goat milk? Why should I care about it at all? you may ask. It is far healthier for your body, and especially helpful for your skin. You should consider its inclusion in your daily skincare routine.

If this uncommon milk type has intrigued you, keep reading. This article will help you explore all the potential raw goat milk benefits, different goat milk products you can buy, and a lot more.

Raw Goat Milk Benefits For Skin

Raw goat milk possesses multiple beneficial features that can make your skin smoother, softer, and beautiful. What’s more, it is also a great addition to all skin products particularly targeting damaged or sensitive skin.

Mentioned below are some top raw goat milk benefits that you can expect to experience with its frequent use on the skin.

#1- It Gently Cleanses the Skin 

Most commercially made cleansers often include harsh surfactants that can not only reduce the moisture of the skin but may also destroy its natural oils. As a result, you may feel your skin feeling drier and tighter than usual.

To protect this moisture and the oil content of your skin, it is best to use products that do not interfere with the natural skin barrier or its fats. (1) Because goat milk is rich in different types of fat, such as caprylic acid, it can help cleanse and moisturize the skin without snatching away its moisture. (2)

This is one of the biggest organic goat milk soap benefits that users can easily enjoy.

#2- It Has a Rich Nutrient Profile

Whether you are using goat milk lotion, shampoo, or soap, it is going to provide your skin with several important nutrients and minerals to help it remain healthy and young.

Raw goat milk is a rich source of vitamin A that possesses anti-aging properties. Other than this, it also contains another mineral called selenium that supports the natural skin barrier and can even help soothe the symptoms of various skin conditions like eczema. (3)

#3- It Works Great For Dry Skin

Scientifically known as xerosis, dry skin is a common skin condition characterized by very low water content in the skin. Under normal circumstances, the skin barrier made of lipids optimizes the moisture loss, making sure that the skin is adequately hydrated.

However, some people have faulty skin membranes due to low levels of lipid in them. In such people, excessive moisture loss can occur leaving the skin feeling dry and irritated. (4)

People with certain skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis, particularly have low lipid levels in their skin membranes. To improve their dry skin, it is important to use products rich in fatty acids and cholesterol, and goat milk skincare items can be the perfect solution for them. (5)

Goat milk shampoo bars, lotion, soap, and body wash all contain enough fatty acids and lipids to restore a normal skin barrier while moisturizing the dry skin. This is why goat milk soap for eczema is a popular choice among people.

#4 - It is a Natural Exfoliator

One of the most important goat milk soap benefits is its ability to naturally exfoliate the skin. A similar effect can be obtained by using other products such as goat milk liquid soap and body wash.

Goat milk consists of alpha-hydroxy acids, natural exfoliants that aid in the management of different skin conditions like hyperpigmentation, scars, and other signs of aging. (6)

Additionally, goat milk is also rich in lactic acid that can get rid of the dead skin cell layer from the top, giving space for newer cells to emerge from beneath. As a result, users can enjoy a more glowing, youthful complexion. (7) What’s more, lactic acid works gently on the skin without imposing any harsh effects which makes it suitable for people with sensitive skin.

#5 - It Supports the Skin Microbiota

The human skin houses several healthy bacteria on its surface which are collectively known as the skin microbiota. (8) This microbiota is extremely essential for the healthy maintenance of the skin.

While most commercially available skin products negatively affect these skin microorganisms, goat milk skincare items do not strip the skin of its healthy bacterial colonies. As a result, the skin is better able to stop harmful pathogens from gaining entry into the body. (9)

Lactobacillus, a type of probiotic found in goat milk skin products possesses anti-inflammatory properties that make these products fit for use in people with eczema and psoriasis. (10)

Four Topical Goat Milk Products to Try Today

4 Natural Goat products to Try

Now that you are aware of the raw goat milk benefits for the skin, you might be wondering how to include it in your daily routine. Luckily, there are several skincare items comprising goat milk as their primary ingredient. The top four of these skin products are explained below.

Goat Milk Lotion

Most types of goat milk lotion present in the market are handcrafted using an immersion process that combines goat milk with several natural oils. The result is a creamy product that’s not only luxurious but also subtle and gentle on the skin. Some other common ingredients that are usually included in goat milk lotion include almond oil, stearic acid, shea butter, water, emulsifying wax, and different fragrance oils.

Goat milk lotion is available in two forms. The first is a liquid lotion that is similar in consistency to any regular drugstore lotion. It usually comes in a pump bottle and has a creamy, liquid texture. The second type is solid goat milk lotion whose consistency resembles that of a lip balm.

Goat milk lotion is rich in several nutrients and minerals that can not only moisturize the skin but also reduce other discomforting symptoms such as itchiness, bumps, and redness. Using this goat milk product does not make the skin greasy. Instead, it makes it silky smooth, and gentle to touch.

Goat Milk Soap Bar

Organic goat milk soap is made via saponification, a process in which an acid (usually oils and fats) is combined with a base known as lye. (11) In most commercial soaps, the lye part is made with sodium hydroxide in water but in this organic product, goat milk soap replaces the latter.

Because goat milk contains both unsaturated and saturated varieties of fats, it is perfect for soap production. The saturated fat in its content helps with lather production whereas the unsaturated ones provide nourishment and moisture to the skin. Additionally, other miscellaneous products can also be added to it, such as coconut oil.

Goat Milk Liquid Soap and Body Wash

Goat milk liquid soap and body wash are just like goat milk soap bars but in liquid consistency. These products carry the same nourishing and moisturizing abilities that can provide the skin with several vitamins, minerals, and fats leaving it refreshed, silky, and smooth.

Because of the strong anti-inflammatory properties of goat milk, the liquid soap and body wash made out of it are perfect for use in people with eczema and psoriasis, and can even help reduce the severity of their flare-ups.

Goat Milk Shampoo

The best type of shampoo is the one with natural ingredients that can clean out hair while nourishing it. Unfortunately, most commercial shampoos are unable to provide these benefits as they are rich in various harmful ingredients including parabens and sulfates. These chemicals can not only damage the hair follicles but destroy the scalp by depriving it of its natural moisture.

On the contrary, using a goat milk shampoo can serve as an ideal product for your hair as it not only deeply cleanses the hair but also helps reduce split ends. This product can also work great for taming frizzy hair. Within a few washes with organic goat milk shampoo, your hair will start feeling more lustrous, healthy, and manageable. Moreover, any itchy scalp conditions will also go away with the frequent use of this shampoo.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Goat Milk?

Organic goat milk is natural and is less likely to cause any side effects in its users. The only possible harmful effect that can occur with the use of any goat milk product is an allergic reaction, especially if you are sensitive to this milk or any of its content. Therefore, people with any known allergy to goat milk or any of its content must steer clear of using goat milk products.

Rejuvenating the Skin with Goat Milk 

Rejuvenating the skin with goat milk

Goat milk can be a gentle addition to your skincare regimen, owing to its amazing natural ingredients and multiple nutrients. The creaminess of goat milk skin products can help people with psoriasis and eczema while the nutrients and minerals in their composition can make the skin soft, supple, smooth, and glowing. A wide range of products made out of goat milk, including lotions, soaps, shampoos, and body washes, are available in the market to get all these benefits.

So if you are looking for natural skin care products to rejuvenate your skin and regain a youthful look once again, explore utilizing organic goat milk products.

To Your Health and Happiness, Doctor Danielle


  • I love this have been applying goat milk morning and night and am loving the progress❤️

    Lucy Mwando
  • I love this have been applying goat milk morning and night and am loving the progress❤️

    Lucy Mwando

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