Gut Assist Probiotic
Gut Assist Probiotic
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Gut Assist Probiotic

Many other probiotics offer hopeless strains that cannot survive the trip through digestion and stomach acid to properly colonize once inside the intestines. Many of these other probiotics cannot even survivie shipping; they are dead on arrival and of no therapeutic use to you. Dr. Danielle’s Probiotic offers just the right blend of Bacillus strains to meet your goal of gut repair. Dr. Danielle’s Probiotic is a favorite among both professional physicians and customers. 

Bacillus spores are a special kind of probiotic strain which have the ability to survive the trip through the digestive system. Their "endospore" outer shell guards them against destructive factors such: shipping, heat, stomach acid, light, and other threats. These little survivors owe their resilience to having a bi-phasic life cycle. They can switch from their dormant form to their active form, according to their location. So when they get to your gut, they're ready to wake up and start helping you. 

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