Why Dr. Danielle?

Here at Doctor Danielle LLC, we believe in full transparency, honesty, and integrity because our customers' health is the most important thing to us. The owner of the company, Dr. Danielle Saunders, puts her name and face on a quality product which she guarantees. Dr. Danielle is a graduate of the University of Washington and Bastyr University, holding degrees as a B.S. in Biochemistry and as a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, respectively. She is a licensed physician in the State of Washington. Dr. Danielle works very closely with her manufacturing facilities and is an integral part of the product development process. Each raw material is sourced and vetted personally by Dr. Danielle herself, and she personally reviews all of the documentation, product specifications, and declarations. If a customer has any concerns for whatever reason, we retain a library of our products stored with lot numbers and dates that can be pulled for immediate testing. This extreme commitment to quality and integrity means that Dr. Danielle can tell a fellow physician or customer such facts as the exact content of their vegetable capsule, or the way Bioperine® was extracted. She has an intricate knowledge of the inter-workings of the chemical and biochemical pathways behind every ingredient used. Dr. Danielle is not only the actual face of the company, but is also the cornerstone to the exacting product formulation process that goes into every one of her products.