Engage on Instagram, Get a Free Bottle!

It's easy as 1-2-3 to get a free bottle (with free shipping) Here are the Campaign Requirements:

  Post a pic on Instagram (must be static post, not a story) showing both you and our product. Hashtag it with: @dr.danielle.vitamins, #doctor_danielle, #drdaniellevitamins, #healthy_doctor 
 Follow us on Instagram 😃 
 Email us the screenshot at info@drdanielle.com showing 1 and 2 with your name, the product you want, and where we should send it. It's that simple!

Fine Print:  In order to offer this amazing program, and offer free products to our customers, we have to set out some ground rules. Unfortunately, when you offer something for free, a few people try to spoil it for everyone by taking advantage. So we have to set these ground rules:

You must have actually purchased the product from us or one of our authorized retailers, and proof of purchase may be required.

There is a limit of 1 free product, per product, per person. 

Example: You love Dr. Danielle and buy Bee Wise® and Alpha Lipoic Acid and then you follow us and do a separate Instagram post for each product, you would be eligible for 2 free bottles. (yes, really!) If you go and buy Bee Wise® again and do another post a week later, you are not eligible for an additional free bottle since you have already done that product once. But say you went and purchased another product such as Gut Assist®.... then you would be welcome to do another post for Gut Assist® and claim another free bottle.

Your free bottle reward can be whatever product you like. 

Shipping is free.

Only static posts are eligible for this offer, not Instagram stories. Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours, and that doesn't do very much for our brand outreach if something vanishes. 👩‍⚕️




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